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We asked 20 strangers to eat ass for the first time and results will warm your heart

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how about for day of silence straight people have to be quiet and listen to queer people all day

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100 Reasons (Why I’m Not Out To My Family)” pt. 2

(in which members of the lgbtq community speak out about why they’re not open about their sexuality with their families.)

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Shari Heck, 2014.

The notions that LGBT people MUST be out or else they don’t respect themselves, or their harboring internalized homophobia, or they’re not being TRUE to themselves are SO harmful and SO problematic because there are people like this in situations where the choice between staying in the closet and coming out is often the choice between safety and very real danger.

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View report from Center for American Progress here


Find links to the Full report from Movement Advancement Project here


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Series of portraits by Ugandan-American photographer Paul Mpagi Sepuya

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The amazing Jacques LeFemme.

I had so much fun doing this shoot with Julia O Test Photography! I highly recommend booking her. Check out more of her portfolio at JuliaOTestphotography.com

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romanticize healthy relationships 

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the heterosexual agenda terrifies me. creating new small humans?? football?? bootcut jeans????? how the fuck am I supposed to explain this to my children

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reaction to feminine trans women:wow trying too hard much??
reaction to feminine trans men:lmao youre not even trans
reaction to androgynous, genderqueer, and nonbinary people in feminine attire:what a fucking joke
reaction to a cis male in feminine attire:WOW HE'S SO BRAVE BREAKING THE GENDER BINARY!! WOW SO HOT OMFG!!!!!!
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Flawless Human Beings
↳  Dhanush (Venkatesh Prabhu Kasthuri Raja)

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