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Came across this Hallmark card at Walgreens tonight.. I had to do a double take. First time I’ve seen a lesbian Mother’s Day card. :)

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i like that we say “oh, man” to express disappointment

because men are disappointing





Oh man

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trans character written by a cis person



Argh…. I was born in the wrong body…. Everyday I scream because I am Trans…. I must transition…. Argh…..

*gets bottom surgery* i had a sex change… i’m a Real Woman now… call me *feminized version of birth name*

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BUTCH is a environmental portraiture project and exploration of the butch aesthetic, identity and presentation of female masculinity as it stands in 2013-14. It is a celebration of those who dwell outside of the stringent social binary that separates the sexes and a glimpse into the private and often unseen spaces of people who exude their authentic sense of self.

BUTCH is a celebration of those who choose to exist and identify outside of this binary that has never allowed any accepted crossover. BUTCH is inviting viewers into private lives of female masculinity and suggesting a resilience in nature’s insistence that there is more depth to masculinity and femininity than societal norms care to entertain. Who is policing gender presentation, and why? The fashion world has been asking the same question for ages. Are we ready for the answers now? It is undeniable that we are born with the sex organs that we are born with, but why are so we threatened by what others choose to claim as their gender presentation? Are we ready for these explanations? Or are we more afraid of the question? - keep reading

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What do you think love is?

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My ten year old tutoring student asked me if I was a boy or a girl today. I told him “Neither” and he said, “What are you then?” I said, “What is someone if they aren’t a boy or a girl?” and he said, “I dunno. Probably immortal.”

Well. I’ll take it.

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"‎’Slut’ is attacking women for their right to say yes. ‘Friend Zone’ is attacking women for their right to say no."
And “bitch” is attacking women for their right to call you on it (via elovers)

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large father/small son (a father/son story)

Cats are the fucking best.



large father/small son (a father/son story)

Cats are the fucking best.

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#i call my cat small son too weh 


Students participating in a new photo campaign are challenging stereotypes, including those about LGBT people. Check out the photos. 

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